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Terrorism Clouds Ariana Grande’s Manchester Dangerous Woman Tour


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

About 19 fatalities are reported during Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert in England which is part of her Dangerous Woman Tour. Luckily, the America singer is not injured. Witnesses attest that they hear two loud explosions from near the arena’s bars. The incident is considered as a possible act of terrorism.

Youtube video by; CBS SF Bay Area
[VIDEO]: Elizabeth Cook reports on fatal explosion outside UK Ariana Grande concert that appears to be a terrorist attack. (5-22-2017)


The bang echoed around the foyer of the arena and people started to run. A video footage shows concertgoers screaming as they try to find their way out of the arena. Police advised the public to avoid the area around the Manchester Arena.This includes the train station near the venue which is Victoria Station. It was evacuated and all trains are canceled.

Terrorism Possibility

Police cannot wave terrorism for the bombing because there’s evidence that the tragedy did not happen by accident. It is evident that the attacks are planned and designed for the patrons of Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert.


The singer cries uncontrollably and trauma is obvious by what happened. She is so sorry for her fans for having to go through such horrible situation. It is not known yet how Grande would go about her tour next.

Dangerous Woman Tour

The Dangerous Woman Tour is the third concert tour by Grande. This is to support her third studio album, Dangerous Woman. The tour began on February 3 in Phoenix, Arizona. From Manchester, the tour is to move through Europe. Belgium, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, and France are the next destinations. It stops in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico and on to Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and more.

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