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Text Messages Retrieved for Vhong Navarro’s Case

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Not many people are aware that deleted text messages from mobile phones can be retrieved if needed. This is one of the strategies of the NBI in getting more evidence for the Vhong Navarro case. One thing is certain. The person sending those messages to Vhong is not a good man a according to the tone of the messages:

Palitan ng text messages ni Vhong Navarro kina Deniece Cornejo at Cedric Lee, ire-retrieve ng NBI

By: GMA News

Denise’s claim that she is a righteous person does not match her actions. How can a woman like her be a close friend to a group of men such as Cedric Lee’s gang? They are obviously into violence. Is she just acting or regretting in doing past actions that got out of hand? What do you think?

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