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The Big Marcos-Carpio Switch can Happen Soon for the Election 2022!


By: Elena Grace Flores
by JulsPage

Marcos-Carpio Switch

Bongbong Marcos is Likely Running for President

Davao Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio easily tops the Pulse Asia survey because of her father’s popularity. However, Bongbong Marcos tails her despite the odds. Regardless of the propaganda against their tandem, one thing is certain. They will never run against each other this election 2022.

In Tandem

Not running against each other simply means that they are in tandem. However, it is not likely to be Carpio-Marcos but Marcos-Carpio. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s machinery works so hard to bring a Marcos back since 2016. He is only one election away from making his quest come true.

Election 2022 is a Life Changer for Filipinos

President Duterte knows that only a Marcos can realign Philippines back to its proper place. He’s a tactical person when it comes to politics. It takes an analyst to know his own nature and aspirations to predict correctly where he’s going. Experts who got this right can only say that it is going to be Marcos-Carpio very soon for the election 2022.

1 thought on “The Big Marcos-Carpio Switch can Happen Soon for the Election 2022!

  1. Marcos for President and Sarah Duterte- Carpio for Vice President is an unbeatable tandem

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