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The Blunt Interviewer Got Lectured by Gadon on Leonen’s Impeachment


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by ANC 24/7

Atty. Larry Gadon’s Penchant on Going after SC Justices

Gadon is Back for Associate Justice Leonen

The interviewer asked Atty. Larry Gadon: Why of all members of the Supreme Court, why go after Associate Justice Marvic Leonen? Gadon replied; Why not? The evidence is a mere newspaper report, the interviewer continued. The fast-thinking attorney then lectured the questioner. News reports in the country are given high value. Just like yours. It is also a regular proceeding that the House can summon for the original copies from the UP for the SALN. This was the same strategy as the case of the former Chief Justice, Maria Lourdes Sereno, Gadon elaborated.

Not Intended to be Abused

Another blatant statement from the interviewer goes: The procedure for the House summon is not intended to be abused by people like you. Gadon reiterated: I am not the abusive one here. Leonen is. He is not doing his job well. He should be removed. I am a lawyer and it is in my power to do this proceeding because I believe in it, Gadon explained.

Marcos’ Finger Prints Are All Over the Case

Gadon strongly corrected the interviewer’s pronouncement that Bongbong Marcos’ finger prints are all over the case. The lawyer stayed cool but firmly said that lawyers respect responsibilities for the tasks on hand and it’s the same as to a justice. They have things to do for the people. Imagine the sufferings of those complainants on his backlogs. Marcos’ election protest is not even mentioned in the complaint. Then, he throws a question back. Why am I tagged as a loyalist of Marcos? Can I not be myself, a lawyer? Whatever I do is my own decision! Gadon said that last line with conviction. There are many more interesting rebattles that follow.

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