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The Continuous Election 2016 Media Blackout Triggers a Massive Call to Support Atty. Glenn Chong


By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong, the crusader for clean election is thankful to Senate President Tito Sotto for his systematic process of officially asking for the election logs in question during an official. This gives him the opportunity to trace them technically as an IT expert. His solid evidence for the alleged fraudulent 2016 automated election supports Bongbong Marcos’ initial protest on the integrity of the previous election. In a press conference, Chong announces the next senate hearing for the same issue but different forum. He swears that he would face the challenge with utmost readiness. Many people are inspired to take this matter into their hands by knocking on the Comelec’s gate and to be physically present while Chong takes care of broadcasting his revelations with hardcore proofs.

Youtube video by; Balitang Pinoy

[VIDEO]:  Atty. Glenn Chong on Manipulated Transmission of Vote 2016 Elections press briefing

Slapping the Commission of Election

Chong just slaps the Comelec with his findings during the recent Senate hearing. The videos of such important event can’t lie. They are circulated in all social media outlets by political enthusiasts. Some media did a little bit of broadcasting through online networks but barely mentioned this important development through their major channels. Others are completely quiet about it. Nevertheless, despite suspected influences by the opposition, people online made the news viral by sharing intensively. Many complained that their related posts were classified as spam. They were later republished after Chong circulated a law that can make them liable for suppressing freedom of speech and expressions. The people insist that like during the election, they have the right to be updated on their votes that were lost during the process.

Logical Trail of Evidence

The following logic with hard evidence can’t be denied by the COMELEC:

  1. Early transmissions of results from Libon, Albay.
  2. Transmission of election results from 459 precincts to Ragay, Camarines Norte, VP Leni Robredo’s bailiwicks.
  3. Audit logs from the VCM Machines of Ragay did not show that there were such activities.
  4. DNS Server Records show that the results were successfully transmitted to Ragay.
  5. DNS transmissions that had no traces from the Audit logs of the VCMs came from fake or cloned system manipulated overseas.

The Social Media Powered News

The news about Chong’s presentation went viral. Facebook was quick enough to spam most of the posts. However, they also bring them back once a complaint or verification is done. There were speculations that an ex-consultant of the Vice President’s office now working at the Social Media giant could have made the spamming spree. However, it is a normal process of FB to temporarily suspend an account if there are many reports received from such posts. The lapses can be charged to inexperienced reviewers.

Chong’s Stand

Chong can’t help but be critical of Robredo. He may not be an official lawyer of Bongbong Marcos but his findings support Marcos’ electoral protest against the Vice President. Liberal Party was his original party. He discontinued his membership with the so-called yellow group. He can’t swallow the fact that an incompetent politician in the person of former President Benigno Aquino IV made it to the presidency.

Massive Call to Support Chong

Right after Chong’s Senate popularity, some groups of Marcos’ loyalists gathered in protest at the Comelec to put their act together and declare Marcos as the real Vice President of the country. However, this is easier said than done especially when there’s a gag order to both camps. Therefore, they are urging everyone to support Chong during the next hearing on August 6, 2018. He expects the Comelec and the opposition stalwarts to be tough on him. He confidently explains the magnitude of his research work. That can only nail the opponent despite their efforts to destroy his reputation.

2 thoughts on “The Continuous Election 2016 Media Blackout Triggers a Massive Call to Support Atty. Glenn Chong

  1. Might as well leave televisions behind due to bias mainstream media on Monday and rather invade senate house to cover for myself of allowable.

  2. In the name of democracy and honesty to the Filipino people I fully support Atty. Chiong is this endeavor. Liars and cheaters have no place in this world. Mabuhay ka Atty. And in my small way I help promote your cause thru the social media. God bless your advocacy and protect you from those who hate your guts.

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