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The Critics of Imee Marcos Agree that her Win Paves the Way for BBM’s 2022 Presidency


By: Elena Grace Flores

A political analyst said Imee Marcos’ first foray into the Senate aims at making the Marcos brand still relevant in the national political scene. That way, it continues the family’s political comeback. Their patriarch’s fall through a revolt in 1986 divides the nation today. Gov. Marcos decides to run for senator as her brother, former Senator Bongbong Marcos continues to pursue his electoral protest against the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo. Prominent IT experts and clean election advocates support BBM’s claims that electoral frauds denies him the position in favor of the opposition. He already has the sympathy of many voters should he pursue the Presidency in 2022.

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[VIDEO]: Comelec spox: Most voters for 2019 polls are youth

Imee Marcos has the Right Solutions

A long-time player in local politics, serves as Ilocos Norte representative and governor both for three full terms. She said that she runs for the Senate because she wants to uplift many Filipinos from poverty. She pushes for pro-farmer and pro-consumer policies.
Marcos presses for the removal of value-added tax in some basic goods and urges the government to provide more safeguards for farmers. This is in light of the signing of the law that would allow continues rice importation.

Dealing with Foreign Debts

Marcos touts such advocacy in the backdrop of a family history which the media propaganda by their enemies tries to cover the good deeds of the late President Ferdinand Marcos with alleged plunder, repression, and foreign debt that they said Filipinos are still paying for to this day. On second thoughts, what would the citizens use if the former President did not have a massive infrastructure projects that benefit the people to this date.

The Critics’ Fear Revolves around the Marcos Presidency

It appears to be a reluctant run at first for the 63-year-old Marcos, who admits that she previously considers that the Senate “was not for her.” “I think it prompts her and the family to come back to national politics because maybe they felt that Bongbong as senator was not enough. It was not enough to leave a lasting impression,” said University of the Philippines political science department head Ela Atienza. “Like most political families with national ambitions, it’s important for them to also get national prominence and being part of the Senate is an important platform for them,” Atienza added.

The Death of Black Media Propaganda

Marcos’ critics expect that her Senate bid, sails rough. But the accusations of her family’s ill-gotten wealth and the dark days of her father’s dictatorship still do not make sense anymore in the digital age. The anti-Marcoses call the truth “historical revisionism.” But sensible people can only examine the evidence quickly using technology.

Gov. Marcos’ Confidence to Win Lies on the Youth

Some of our youth are confused, so they want to know our side of the story, Marcos said. They may not have the media’s favor but they have ultimate advantage with social media which is quicker and more handy in reaching out the public. Comelec spokesman James Jimenez said, “A little over one-third of the registered voters are the young people.” The 2019 national and election polls will be dominated by voters from the young demographic, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) confirms this.

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  1. Why is she asking for vat tax cut. Just return the money hodden abroad to the government. Especially the gold of central bank now with banks around the world. Better now than never wjen it becomes their karma too.

    1. Hahaha….kaya kayo natalo kasi puro kayo black propaganda eh..napakatagal ng usapin yan at lahat talo sa korte…dapat makipsgtulungan sa gobyerno paano masolusyunan ang mga problemang kinakharap ng bansa at papano makatulong sa pagunlad ng mamayan nito…tama na ang black propaganda st wala maitutulong sa ating pagunlad…

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