By: Marlon Gary Tan Jr.

Moderation not too much not too little that is the Golden Mean. To act morally you have to find a middle ground between two extremes.

There was a philosopher in Ancient Greece named Aristotle who explains the Golden Mean as the place between two extremes between excesses and deficiency and the importance of finding the moderation and balance in all things because this is crucial for morality and to achieve happiness, the ultimate goal of mankind.


I used to be a picky eater and suffered from hyperacidity because of eating too little and mom helped by overfeeding me and so I became overweight and got teased a lot and moving and doing some tasks are a lot harder But now, I am eating just right. I lost a lot of the weight. It is obvious to me now how it is easier to move around with my lighter body. Not to mention how good I look with my comfortable shirts.

Also,  when my mom noticed my interest in cooking. She did the most admirable move of enrolling me in some cooking classes. That was where I realized that preparing a delicious meal lies in the balance as well. The flavor must not be too bland or salty to be appreciated. “Just right” so to speak.


As a student, not studying can result in a failing grade while overdoing it may deprive me of the much-needed sleep. It does not help me in my quest to get good grades If I am disoriented or feeling sick the next day. Grades are only one thing that I can achieve to make my parents proud of me. I need to consider other aspects also such as my health, family, friends, hobbies, and recreations to be truly happy.

As a citizen, I believe that Aristotle’s Golden Mean can be applied by being watchful to everything that is happening in the country. My parents never failed to remind me to be ready for calamities. We are even prepared with our survival needs and evacuation plans.  However, we have to be mindful of not to worry too much to avoid living in fear. Our existence could not be fun if we are paranoid.

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Worrying too much can only lead to anxiety and stress. Being too lax on the other hand can prevent one from achieving something. Therefore, efficient time management must be undertaken to balance everything. Have a sense of purpose on top of that. Once this is done, you can really say; “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

Marlon Gary Tan Jr.
8-I CN -29

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