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The Hottest Tandem is Confirmed but who’s Running what Remains a Mystery


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Showbiz Fanaticz

The Duterte-Marcos or Marcos-Duterte Tandem
The Marcoses’ visit last week to Davao Mayor Sara-Duterte Carpio is the talk of the town nowadays. They are for sure running but not against each other. Senator Imee Marcos also graced the event in a private setting. It remains unknown however, as to who runs for what position. Regardless, this tandem is definitely the hottest.

Bongbong Marcos will not Run Toe to Toe with Mayor Sara

Bongbong Marcos already said that he will not run against Mayor Sara Duterte. He also did not deny the possibility of a tandem. It depends on what the people want, he said. Since the two topped the presidential survey, there’s no doubt that they are the majority’s bets. It’s just a matter of who’s running what.

Inday Sara Goes for Bongbong Marcos

Meanwhile, Mayor Sara also discourages supporters who urged her to run as president. She would rather go for Bongbong Marcos. She definitely gives a hint a couple of times that she will run together with Marcos. First, she said that she might run as VP. Then, recently she explained that she goes for Bongbong Marcos as the country’s leader. This is quite obvious in her father’s present projects. Like the Build Build Build. It follows Marcos’ blueprint and financed by the ADB.

1 thought on “The Hottest Tandem is Confirmed but who’s Running what Remains a Mystery

  1. Yes,Agree BBM SARA Tandem for 2022 it’s a landslide Victory for the two and the continuance of the Build build project of the Duterte Administration the BrainChild of Former President Marcos to be finalize by the Two Tandem of their Childrens BBM / SARA

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