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The Marcos Boys’ Answer to Rehashed Political Intrigues

Marcos boys

By: Elena Grace Flores
Jennifer Miranda(Mix Vlog)

Marcos Positivity

Negativity has no place with the Marcoses. They always face criticisms with their coolest charisma. Just take the case of the Marcos boys, Simon and Vinny. Their father urges them to join the Dayang Dayang dance during a tribal event. They did this without hesitation. Instead, they obviously had fun too. This comes after their father, Bongbong Marcos announced his presidential bid. While their detractors are busy spreading lies, they just danced the brouhahas away.

The Dayang Dayang Dance

Dayang – Dayang is a Muslim dance means “Princess of the first degree” a title given only to the daughters of the Sultan. However, nowadays, the dance becomes a Tiktok dance sensation. Its moves are becoming very popular in the app today.

A Marcos is Cool

Many voters from all walks of life already decided on voting Bongbong Marcos for president. Most of them just did not care about the alleged martial law history or its reported revisionism. Let alone the hidden wealth narrative of the opposition. They just think that a Marcos is cool. Many videos of the late President Ferdinand Marcos clearly show him talk with wisdom. This is not different from the impression one can get from his son, Bongbong Marcos. Even on live speeches, talks, and interviews. A Marcos is just too cool to resist.

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