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The Marcos Name Dominates again on the Rights of a Child at the SMNI Senatorial Debate

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By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Rebuttals of Atty. Roque, Atty. Espiritu and Atty. Gadon at the SMNI Senatorial Debate

SMNI Senatorial Debate Tackles the Rights of a Child

Atty. Harry Roque disagrees to lower the age for criminal responsibility to 9 years old during the SMNI Senatorial Debate. The parents must nurture their minors. Loren Legarda, Cong. Rodante Marcoleta, and others are unanimous with their views. Until Atty. Larry Gardon blasts on the Catholic church for allowing their priests to use masses for the anti-Marcos propaganda.

Rebuttals on the Marcos Regime

Atty. Luke Espiritu agrees with all the statements of the other senatorial aspirants. However, he points out that Marcos is bad. That human rights must be respected. The heated argument in the senatorial debate continues with Gadon saying that there’s no evidence of Marcos’ human right violations. All cases were dismissed.

The Living Marcos

Atty. Roque said that there’s nothing disrespectful in Atty. Espiritu’s pronouncement. That he allegedly stops being an anti-human rights lawyer after being taken into the BBM-Sara slate. Roque simply explains to the audience of the SMNI Senatorial debate that they are not talking about the dead Marcos but the living one at that!

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