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The Marcoses Rock Campaign Trails Amidst LP-Du30 Word Wars Prior to Election 2019

By: Elena Grace Flores

The dirty side of politics resurfaces just a month prior to the mid-term election. Reports on alleged sudden increase of the Du30 family’s wealth is a common theme in mainstream media. This leads the President to think that this is just one of the black media tricks of the LP stalwarts or Dilawan. To retaliate, the President swears to install a revolutionary government if the enemies push him to the edge. Nonetheless, the Marcoses continue to rock their nationwide campaign trails. Gov. Imee Marcos for Senator is number 46 in the ballots.



Presidential Warning

During the annual convention of the Prosecutor’s League of the Philippines, President Du30 threaten to suspend the writ of habeas corpus. He warns to arrest “all” of his critics after the opposition urges attacks on his government contracts and family. Du30 then retaliates that he will declare a “revolutionary war” the anti-government players would make it difficult for him. Later, he explains that what he said about organizing a revolutionary government is just a warning.

Robredo’s Dream

The presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo’s lawyer, Romulo Macalintal argues that to declare a revolutionary government is not a function of the President. His task is to protect the Constitution. “If President Du30 really declares a revolutionary government, then it will be a show of force between his government and the government led by Robredo. She is the successor President of a democratic government,” said Macalintal. The late Corazon Aquino was a revolutionary government leader. She never won the election contrary to her claims.

Image Building Press Release

Macalintal said that Robredo herself is always against a revolutionary government. She said it does not only undermine the Constitution. The questionable VP also indicates a lack of faith in the current administration. In 2017, top military and defense officials swore their support to Robredo. They said that they would not support any moves to establish a revolutionary government. However, the President’s supporters are not only the majority of the men in uniform but 16 million of the Filipino masses.

The Temporary VP’s Readiness

Nonetheless, the temporary VP said that she is ready to succeed the President once he declares a revolutionary government. It is part of her office’s constitutional mandate, she added. Robredo also criticizes Du30’s threat and said this was a violation of the Constitution. They both swear to uphold their responsibilities after the 2016 digitally fraudulent election. Du30 won clearly at a landslide while Robredo faces an electoral protest by Bongbong Marcos.

Word Wars Bury the VP Election Protest

Obviously, Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest is quiet again – pending a decision from the Supreme Court. Should there is a basis for the claims of Marcos, the election recount will proceed to other questionable areas. Currently, there is already a petition to conduct physical examination proceedings in ARMM precincts that Comelec found to have thousands of fake voters. Robredo won in those areas.

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  1. WOW salute you MDM IMEE MARCOS. Vote for senator.para sa pagbabago ng Sistine.sya at solution ng problima.

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