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The Marcos’s Way of Laughing at their Imperfection is a Worthy Asset

worthy asset

By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: BBM & Sandro Marcos : Bulol Moments / Cute reactions.

A Worthy Asset

Global Filipinos who spend a lot of time overseas can relate to the Marcos’s bulol or twisted tongue moments. Bongbong Marcos and his son Sandro speak more than one language and some dialects which is an asset. Therefore, speaking Pilipino doesn’t come easy sometimes. Imperfection becomes a worthy asset because they can laugh at it.

Not Perfect

They never said that they are perfect. In fact, criticisms about them are everywhere. Despite of this, they remain at their best character. That kind of attitude is definitely a worthy asset. Because they know who they are and their purpose. The Marcos family gears at helping people. Nothing else.

Cuteness Overload

When one accepts their flaws with humor, it’s just cute to witness. Let alone having fun with it. The father and son are just real. They can’t fake it. A worthy asset indeed.

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