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The Message of the President is Loud and Clear on BBM


By: Elena Grace Flores


Find Another Marcos
President Rodrigo Duterte admits that even if he’s given 20 more years, he can’t do what the late President Ferdinand Marcos has done to the country. He vehemently said that Philippines must find another Marcos. This is why he’s doing everything he could to make Bongbong Marcos or BBM president during the next elections.

Marcos Projects Resumes Under Duterte

The President cannot afford to turn his back on BBM. In fact, this is very visible in the ongoing infrastructures of the country. They follow Marcos’ blueprint. The funding is so huge that the government budget is not sufficient to continue them during the pandemic. However, these projects continue without any difficulties. Contractors can attest that their checks come from the ADB, a World Bank partner where former President Marcos deposited the wealth for humanity.

Remembering the Forgotten Heroes

To equip the farmers and to abolish the oligarchs are Marcos’ advocacies then and now. The providers of the basic needs of the people are the forgotten heroes. They must enjoy the fruits of their labors. BBM is a leader that would take care of his citizens more than anyone else. Therefore, join the president in bringing Marcos back to the top executive office.

2 thoughts on “The Message of the President is Loud and Clear on BBM

  1. YEA ! ABSOLUTELY TRUE ! I AGREE 100% TO THE BBM – SARA DUTERTE-Carpio Tandem for 2022 Election !
    Marcos & Duterte are aligned in their pure motives/intentions for the welfare of the Filipino people , like the INDEPENDENT FOREIGN POLICY & SELF-DISCIPLINE AMONGST THE FILIPINO CITIZENRY, Just to mention a few !

  2. Yes, BBM is the only Solution to Philippine economy n PNP n AFP including Retirees n survivors funds will be restored to the fullest. I will campaign for Marcos.!!!

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