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The PET Denies Robredo’s Victory Claim Over BBM’s Electoral Protest

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By: Elena Grace Flores
Presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo urges the Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal or PET to rule on the revision of pilot provinces. Robredo claims ‘clear victory’ versus Bongbong Marcos in the electoral protest earlier. However, the PET, in its recent ruling, said Robredo’s computation after revision, recount and re-appreciation where she declares her electoral protest victory is still “speculative.”

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[VIDEO]: Robredo claims recount win, Marcos calls it ‘self-serving assumption’

Premature Electoral Protest Claim

The Tribunal has yet to complete the proceedings following Rule 65 the 2010 PET rules. This entails judicial recount, revision and appreciation of the votes cast in protestant Marcos’ pilot provinces, the PET said. “The figures submitted by protestee, Robredo are merely speculative. In arriving at the figures, she presumes that all her claims will be acceptable by the Tribunal.

Clearly a Lie

This premise is fundamentally a lie as the Tribunal is still in the process of appreciating the revised ballots. It can only rule negative against the objections and claims made by the parties thereon,” the PET explained.

Robredo’s Motion is Denied

The PET therefore, denies last month’s plea of Robredo to resolve immediately all pending incidents in the electoral protest filed against her by former senator, Marcos.It points out that the final tally has yet to be completed and released “thus, the Court resolves to deny protestee’s motion on the ground of prematurity.”

Who’s Lying

Few days ago, the camp of the questionable VP warns against the proposal of Senator Imee Marcos, BBM’s sister who said the Philippines should immediately cut diplomatic ties with Iceland. She calls it a “severe step” towards diplomacy. Her spokesman said that Marcos is the wrong person to heed advice about human rights due allegedly to her family’s track record. Nonetheless, it turns out that the cases of the Marcoses cannot stand in court. It is Robredo’s case of cheating during the 2016 elections that matters to the people at the present time.

3 thoughts on “The PET Denies Robredo’s Victory Claim Over BBM’s Electoral Protest

  1. The whole country is on your side Senator .. it’s about time that the Philippines should cut ties with Iceland … once and for all the Philippines had no means & a real business with the country (Iceland) And because of their connivance with LP & Yellowshit ?? they’ve done it without a thorough investigation … it is merely speculation by their chapter in connivance with Maria Rissa? (I suspect)
    my esteem.

  2. The real things about the Marcos regime are gradually unfolding. Sooner or later the late president and his entire family will be vindicated from all the malicious fabrications. In the end, PFM will be judged as the best president we ever had. Mabuhay ang mga Marcos!

  3. Yes we support you ma’am Imee gogogo we want to right away cansel all connection with Iceland for the are the tools of opposition and contradicts the advancement of the country the merely distrative all along….

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