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The President Channels Attention to Senator Bong Go to Mislead Opponents


By: Elena Grace Flores

President Duterte Announces that Senator Bong Go Wants to be President

Joking with the Senator

In one of the speeches of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, he announces that Senator Bong Gong wants to be president which Go denies. The senator elaborated by saying that the Filipino leader likes to joke around. Perhaps, he would only change his mind if Duterte runs for Vice President. But he’s also quick to clarify that he is not saying what position he runs for if the President does so. Besides, his term would only end in 2025. So, he has a lot of time to serve.

Floating Rumors

Rumors float with uninterested political figures like Senator Go every time the president suggests a certain presidentiable. This stars from his daughter Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. She condemns the Run Sara Run calls. Senator Manny Pacquiao is also furious about these talks amidst the pandemic. Pacquiao wants his party to concentrate on facing the challenges that the Covid-19 virus brings into the country.

Just a Joke or Misleading Opponents?

To solve the pandemic is the top priority right now, said Senator Go. This coincides with Senator Manny Pacquiao’s plea. Despite Duterte’s mentioning names, it is obvious that he does not talk about Bongbong Marcos anymore which is very unlikely. Marcos was his favorite during the 2016 elections. The Marcoses also have a strong alliance with his family especially now that the Build Build Build project is on its way. As a political strategist, the Philippine president simply knows that divulging his endorsee too early can ruin their chances of winning.

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