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The Presidentiable’s Press Con Hosting Leads to Isko’s Call for the Number 2 to Withdraw


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Lacson: Robredo’s withdrawal only Isko’s idea

Press Con Hosting Went Wrong

5 presidentiables namely; Isko Moreno, Manny Pacquiao, Norberto Gonzales, Jose Montemayor, Jr. and Ping Lacson unite for the press conference hosting. The intention is to assure the public that no one would withdraw. However, while answering a question from the media, Mayor Isko Moreno blurts that it should be Leni Robredo who must withdraw if she wants to be a hero.

Individual Fights

Senator Ping Lacson insists to convey the message to the public that no one would withdraw. They did the press con hosting for that ultimate purpose. The presidentiables are already irritated to answer such fake news. They should stop the calls for them to withdraw from the presidential race.

No One would Withdraw

No one would withdraw. Mayor Isko did ask Leni Robredo to withdraw but it’s his own opinion, clarified Lacson. They run for the people and not for any other reasons. So, even if they are crippled, the fight must go on.

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