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The Real Score of the Electricity Guy on the Energy Secretary Appointment


By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: Is Marcoleta keeping his distance from PBBM?

PBBM’s Electricity Management Offers

President-elect Bongbong Marcos made not just one but two offers to Congressman Rodante Marcoleta. Many are banking on him to lower the electricity cost. He was offered as Energy Secretary but he declined because of unfamiliarity to venture into another branch. He has then given an alternative spot which is the chairmanship of the Energy Regulatory Commission.

The Appointment Speculations

When Marcoleta withdrew from the Senate race, many thought that perhaps he has a cabinet appointment deal already with PBBM. But he was true to his reason that the low survey score was the driving force for him to stop his quest to the higher Congress. The question now is, what about the electricity promise of the new President?

Marcoleta’s Decision

Marcoleta decides not to accept the offers of PBBM because the he thinks that he can help better in the legislative branch. In fact, he already have 10 bills ready for the energy measures. It’s just unfortunate that he did not make it to the Senate. So, he’s continuing his passion in the lower Congress.

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