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The Reason Behind Anti-Marcos Media Noise VS. Silent Reality at the Congress


By: Elena Grace Flores

The Filipino people are not anymore reliant to mainstream media news for information on major public interests. Instead, most of them exert efforts to verify facts. Recently, the noise about Former First Lady Imelda Marcos’ alleged graft conviction and bail was everywhere. It highlights that the Sandiganbayan records show that former senator Bongbong and Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos were beneficiaries of the Swiss foundations earlier found to illegally exist under an unknown law. Naturally, the direct beneficiaries are the children. However, the 3rd Marcos sibling, Irene is not a politician. There’s rarely any mention of her name. Whereas the first two are strong contenders to the country’s top posts. Currently, Rep. Marcos is back to the Congress like nothing happened.

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[VIDEO]: Imelda Marcos back in the House after bail.

Back to the Congress

The former first lady was an early bird for the 3 pm plenary session at the Batasang Pambansa, arriving at the hall around 2:30 pm. She was wearing a pink terno-inspired long blouse and matching pants. The 89-year-old widow of the late President Ferdinand Marcos did not grant any media interviews. She was at the Congress on Monday, November 19. It was as usual.

Anti-Graft Court’s Show

On November 9, the anti-graft court Sandiganbayan found Marcos guilty of creating and maintaining private organizations in Switzerland. However, no law was cited why is this illegal. She earned at least $200 million from interest and investments for the “private benefit of the former first family. It is stressed out that the transaction is private because the deposits are privately owned.

Supreme Court’s Reversal is Expected

She was sentenced to prison for 6 years and 1 month to 11 years for each of the 7 counts of graft. Marcos, who is running for Ilocos Norte governor in 2019, can only be perpetually disqualified from holding public office if the conviction becomes executory. The Supreme Court is likely to reverse the ruling on Rep. Marcos – just like the previous dollar-salting case. The evidence was based on hearsay. Despite the documents from Swiss authorities, only two witnesses with no personal knowledge testified.

Shallow Media

An infamous yellow media even covers a Facebook post. It claims that the late Philippine President Marcos holds a Guinness World Record. That is for being the ‘Most Brilliant President in History’. Guinness did not give him such accolade, it clarified. It does list him as the one responsible for the ‘Greatest robbery of a Government,’ it added. It is odd that this publication goes to that extent of destroying the reputation of the dead. Obviously to discredit the rest of the family. These kinds of media give a bad name to journalists. They are either competing with bloggers or act as LP’s announcer.

Stopping the Marcoses’ Leadership

Meanwhile, Sandiganbayan records signify that the former senator whose electoral protest against the presumptive VP Leni Robredo is about to get a ruling from the PET for the recount on his pilot provinces. On top of that, the 80% ghost voters found in ARMM of the LP bets also made his case looks good. There’s no stopping the rising popularity of Ilocos Imee Marcos as well who is a survey favorite for Senator in the upcoming election. Many mainstream media are really desperate knowing that their faction can be wiped out soon.

2 thoughts on “The Reason Behind Anti-Marcos Media Noise VS. Silent Reality at the Congress

  1. I truly believe that they are saying these many accusations because of the upcoming elections and that they paid by the oppositions…THey are all saying fake news and fake… ruin the Marcoses, and not even one count was…anything against Imelda marcos for the over 200 cases in America…No proofs,No real evidences,hearsay,and more tsismis na walang kwenta…mga walanghiya sila.Media are paid to publish wrong information…mga hypocrites silang lahat…Mga yellow naman mga SOCIAL CLIMBERS din…..

    1. Sa akin sariling palagay lang… mula noong umalis at dinala sa ibang Bansa si Apo Marcos, lahat ng klase ng looters ay nag take over sa mga ariarian ng PH Government noon. Pinangalan na sa mga ganid na detractor ang Family Aquino, at alliance na Politiko at Businessman kasama ang Catholic Bishop of the PH. At sila lahat ay nagpayaman. Dati wala namang VAT Collections sa mga Mamamayang PH pero ang daming nagawa at Assets ng Marcos Administration. Bakit noong napatalsik na nila si Apo Marcos ay nawala na ang mga Assets ng Gobyarno nangolecta pa sila sa Mamamayan ng limpaklimpak na pera sa pinatupad ni Cory na VAT ( Value Added Tax ) at wala man lang na feel o makita ng taong Bayan na pang Progreso gaya ng Proyecto ni Apo Marcos noon. Asaan ang utak natin dito? 😀

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