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The successful Hosting of the Mascara Festival is a sign that the Country is Back to Normal


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: PBBM in Bacolod’s Mascara Festival

Hosting of the Mascara Festival

President Bongbong Marcos said in his speech during the hosting of the Mascara Festival in Bacolod recently that the Philippines is now back to normal.  The vibrancy of the event really shows that the economy is now starting to escalate.

Ready for the Normal Life

In the said hosting, the President praised the people in Bacolod who spearhead the back-to-normal life attitude for the rest of the Filipinos to follow. He encourages everyone to rightfully run the economy through tourism and more.  He believes that this finally leads to a normal life.

Re-igniting the Tourism Industry

The people are very much ready to continue living beautifully. This can be possible by re-igniting the beneficial tourism activities nationwide. PBBM promises to continue helping the economic initiatives of each community. Until it is not needed anymore.

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