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The Works of Ferdinand Marcos that are Beneficial to Date but not in History Books

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

All Rights are Respected
The late President Ferdinand Marcos is a patriotic leader. His people, the Filipinos were the priority. He made sure that there’s respect for all rights. No matter what status one is in. This is a big contrast compared to history books. He was demonized by his political enemies. So, it is best to compare notes. Then check the evidence. Stories from the golden era survivors must tally with proof.

Fairness and Justice by the Military

The Dilawans always highlight the alleged atrocities during the martial law period. But why was it proclaimed in the first place? Saving the country from communism is just one of the many reasons. The irony is, Ninoy Aquino was the go-between of the communist party and the New People’s Army. In short, he initiated brutal rebellion and terror. Ferdinand Marcos on the other hand instilled fairness and justice in the military. Therefore, who’s to blame?

Achievement through Reforms

Ferdinand Marcos’ visions are not just on blueprints. They remain beneficial to the country today. He’s on top of everything. From educational to agricultural reforms. There are no other presidents that came close to what he has done. Most of these reforms stood the test of time. The only evidence that his enemies have with revisionism is the history they wrote with media reference only as evidence. Not to mention the court cases with no proper jurisdiction.

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