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Things You don’t Want to Hear from the Questionable VP Election Winner, Leni Robredo


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos’ lawyer, Atty. Vic Rodriguez is right with his statement that the ultimate goal of the questionable Vice President is to use her office in disrupting claims that she is not the real VP. This comes after the recent disclosure of Du30. The President said in his public speech that he is not sure if VP Leni Robredo is the real Vice President who is the winner of the 2016 election. Robredo admits that she is out of the loop and meets the president randomly only when they are both invited to similar events.

Youtube video by;  ABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]:  Robredo asserts ‘I won the vice presidency’

Out of the Loop after Winning the Election

Robredo admits that she is already out of the government’s loop after she resigns from the cabinet. She insists that she is not a spare tire. She is doing all her office can to disrupt efforts to unseat her. Her only opportunity to have a work with the president is when a coincidence happens.

Bongbong Marcos’ Protest Update

Bongbong Marcos is currently dissatisfied with the continuous moves of Robredo to delay the electoral protest. He blurts out his disgust during the interview with Erwin Tulfo on Robredo’s motion for grave concern over the use of a plastic magnifying glass by his revisor to see the vote markings clearly during the ongoing recount.

Justifying the Gag Order Ruling

Marcos in his compliance respects the ruling of the PET to fine him and Robredo for disobeying the gag order. This is to not disclose the status of the recount to the public. Although, he justifies it by saying that he is just expressing his observations. On the other hand, Robredo retaliates through her lawyer, Atty. Romulo Macalintal that they are merely responding to Marcos’ accusations.

Who Won the Vice Presidency?

The President is just too honest to express his sentiments that the electoral protest has taken a considerable amount of time without any clear direction. This gives an impression that the sitting VP may not be the real and true second leader of the country. However, Robredo is quick to respond that she won the Vice Presidency. One thing that most of the Filipino people who are Du30 and Marcos supporters don’t want to hear.

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