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This is How Marcoleta would Put a Stop to Expensive Electricity Under PBBM


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Marcoleta is determined to Face the Oligarchs just to Lower Electricity Rate

Reduce Electricity Cost

Congressman Rodante Marcoleta explains his road map on how to reduce electricity costs in the country as per the tasks given by incoming President Bongbong Marcos. Political will is crucial in this area. The oligarchs has been monopolizing the energy sector since EDSA. So, he must have the power to implement rules and regulations.

Just, Reasonable and Competitive Rates

The EPIRA Law dictates that the supplier must provide to all the consumers just, reasonable, and competitive rates. These are embodied in their franchise permits. Affordability is the goal of this requirement. If this is not provided, there’s definitely a breach of contract.

Road Map of the Task

The existing policies must be used for the benefit of the people. Meralco, Veco, and other electricity providers must comply to the law to retain their distribution rights. This is a proof that the Congress in the past has been weak against the oligarchs. That should change now with Marcoleta and PBBM on their tail.

1 thought on “This is How Marcoleta would Put a Stop to Expensive Electricity Under PBBM

  1. It’s just the beginning of a new dawn, we see a lot of good n great things happening soon in this administration! PBBM, May you be guided by the Almighty and your lucky stars! !!!

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