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This is How Rebellion has Tampered Education in the Philippines


By: Elena Grace Flores

Recounts of a witness about Kabayan Party List’s Rebel Recruitment

Rebellion has Tampered Education

The witness narrates how a party-list member recruited him to join a rebel group from his university. Later on, he became a recruiter himself. Instilling hatred towards the government is common during meetings. Promises of financial support and education scholarships are also part of the process. These recruits never get to see the fulfillment of those offers. They end up dead in the mountains during encounters with the military.

Vulnerable Students

The youth from low-income families are prone to rebel recruiters. Those who have some misunderstandings with parents can easily be recruited, the witness said. He decided to surrender when he realized that the military in many instances did not hurt him. Instead, it’s the party list leaders who did not give the promised education scholarship of his recruits.

Enrile’s Wisdom

The former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile comments on Senator Ping Lacson’s plan to make red-tagging a crime. This is after Rep. Sarah Elago gets emotional upon knowing that she’s red-tagged as an NPA member and recruiter. She denies the allegation but some witnesses said otherwise. Enrile reacted that red-tagging can’t be a crime. If the accused thinks that the military made a mistake, then she can sue them for libel.

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