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This is How the Anti-Marcos Media Suppress Democracy


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Toni Gonzaga Studio

Democracy is not one way.
One anti-Marcos media website criticizes Toni Gonzaga for giving a platform for Bongbong Marcos’ interview. It said that Gonzaga seems to not know the responsibility she carries especially now that the election is looming. Despite the bashing from the Dilawan faction, the actress remains firm. She said that she is now at the point in her life that she doesn’t have to explain her actions to other people. So, her youtube coverage is now trending online. Clearly, democracy is not one way. Thanks to social media.

Democracy in Journalism

Journalists must get the two sides of the story. Some mainstream media suppress democracy by not airing the side of the Marcoses. Yet, they have the guts of telling Toni Gonzaga what to do. That is a dictatorship in itself. This is why the activities of Bongbong Marcos are never a highlight in the mainstream media. They are limited through the social media channels only and pro-administration radio and TV shows.

The Best and the Worst

Gonzaga knows for sure what democracy is. She does not hail the achievements of the late President Ferdinand Marcos only. The interview allows Bongbong Marcos to explain why his father is the best president the country ever had. While addressing why he was the worst to his critics. As he said, in politics, if you make your enemies angry, you are doing a good job.

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