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This is what Bongbong Marcos Wishes for this Christmas on his Electoral Protest


By: Elena Grace Flores

While the yellow media stresses that all 3 Marcos children Bongbong, Imee, and Irene are specifically named as beneficiaries of the Trinidad Foundation and the Xandy Foundation that currently implicate their, mother, Rep. Imelda Marcos, BBM announces in his vlog that if the recount finishes before the holidays as per PET’s plan, they might have a very merry Christmas.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Lagi po akong natutuwa tuwing nababasa ko ang inyong mga comments sa Facebook page ko at sa aking Youtube at Instagram account. Maraming Salamat sa inyong suporta. Sana po ma-feature ko na naman ang comments ninyo sa susunod kong vlog.

Quiet Electoral Protest

The former Senator discloses that the recount on his electoral protest is still ongoing. He addresses a social media question asking why the electoral protest seems to be quiet already these days. VP protestant Marcos clarifies that the manual counting in Negros Oriental was just finished. Now, the Iloilo follows suit. As per the PET’s estimate, the recount in his pilot provinces, namely; Camarines Sur, Negros Oriental, and Iloilo should have a conclusion before the end of the year. He added that the anomalies found are so massive that there must be a good news for him after all.

Noisy Graft Conviction

“In the regulations of Trinidad Foundation dated August 28, 1970, signed by both Markus Geel and Rep. Marcos in Zurich, the former First Lady was named as the first beneficiary during her lifetime while her children, Imelda (Imee), Ferdinand Jr (Bongbong) and Irene were named as second beneficiaries in equal shares,” the Sandiganbayan said. In the case of the Xandy Foundation, the court said Imelda and Ferdinand wrote by hand that “the said spouses were named as the first beneficiaries, the surviving spouse as the second beneficiary, and the Marcos children as the third beneficiaries.” Too noisy for the basic law.

Nutribun Days

In reality, it was the Former First Lady’s project that came up with the Nutribun, her son said. It is a huge and nutritious bread bun distributed in schools to nourish indigents. Its concept was once again reproduced during the Yolanda aftermath when rescuers need to supply a ready-to-eat instant but nutritious foods to the natural disaster’s surviving victims. This is just one of the projects of the Marcoses that stood the test of time.

Propaganda Over Public Interest

What’s odd is that the news publications under the control of the Marcoses’ detractors never stop magnifying everything that would drag Bongbong Marcos and his sister, Gov. Imee who is running for Senator during the upcoming 2019 midterm elections. Speculations loom that they know the real score of BBM’s protest as per his announcement in his favor.

Christmas Ruling

The Marcos matriarch did not earn the name “iron butterfly” for nothing. She could just spread her wings to emerge triumphantly in her present battle. She has gone through a lot in the past but many people never cease to believe in her capabilities. All of these noises could disappear for sure once the VP protest gets a ruling before Christmas and Governor Marcos becomes a Senator in 2019.

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