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Tips in Handling Doubts if Husband is Gay

By: Elena Grace Flores

Will & Grace
Will & Grace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gay husbands story now becoming a mania and their implications are often the topic among girly-talks. What if you find out that your husband is gay? Can you live like the popular sitcom in the United States: Will and Grace? (where they end up to be the best of friends) or is it now the end of the marriage because you felt betrayed or worst nauseated to still be intimate with your gay-spouse? No wonder that GMA 7’s My Husband’s Lover is number one in Philippine soap operas. If you are at least suspecting, do it right by watching this video first before you panic:

Dating & Relationships Advice : How to Know If Your Spouse Is Gay

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Put your feet into their shoes before judging them. It’s hard enough to accept that one is indeed gay – with all the discrimination around. The key is to communicate properly without accusing them about anything – so that they can open up to you like life-time partners should!

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