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Tom Cruise’s Failed Marriages with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes: Can Scientology be Good?

Tom Cruise

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Leah Remini’s series about the cult of Scientology shows just how far the religion’s leaders will go to destroy you. It features Mike Rinder, who is an Australian by birth, was raised in Scientology since age six. He spent 46 years practicing the faith. He served as International Spokesman for the organization for 20 years. He then left in 2007, and two years later began to speak out against the religion amidst rampant abuse.

Youtube video by; Elena Flores
[VIDEO]: If one marriage failed that is of Tom Cruise’s first union with Nicole Kidman due to irreconcilable differences in beliefs, then followed by his divorce with Katie Holmes, this time very openly with Holmes criticizing Scientology, there’s probably some truths in the comments that it’s a no good religion!

Does Tom Cruise has a Choice to Leave Scientology?

Despite the noise about Scientology, Tom Cruise remains quiet and all he can say is, it’s a beautiful religion!

Out to Destroy

Rinder used to be the head of the church’s division setup for the so-called fair game. He was doing that for ten years. The policy of fair game states that any enemies of the Church “may be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.” Therefore, he was heading a team that destroyed people who go against the teachings of the faith.

The Plight of Rinder that can happen to Tom Cruise?

Rinder was subjected to long-term and serious incidences of physical abuse at the hands of the leader of Scientology, David Miscavige. Rinder suffered beatings between 50 and 100 times. As part of his henchman duties, Rinder was tasked with preventing a BBC special on Scientology, which included coverage of Miscavige’s physical abuse of congregants. The reporter, John Sweeney, accused Rinder on camera of being subjected to this abuse. Rinder denied the reports. He was also unsuccessful in preventing the BBC special from being aired. In response to Rinder’s alleged “failure,” Miscavage decided to exile him to Western Australia. He was forced to stay away from his family. At that point, Rinder felt as though he had “nothing to lose” in leaving the Church. Since he would be disconnected from his family no matter what. Perhaps, this is what Tom Cruise is avoiding?

Remini’s Fight

As with Remini, the Church’s efforts at silencing her backfires in an explosive way. This has given Rinder to work harder in exposing Scientology’s abuses. The resistance hopes that these revelations may lead to the implosion of Scientology. The viewership and winning storytelling of the A&E special and Remini’s star power propel the defectors’ stories. Their fighting for the truth just paves the way towards the billion-dollar enterprise on TV.

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