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Treating a Dry Cough without Prescription

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Hacking or dry coughs are referred to as nonproductive coughs. Cough suppressants or antitussives can be purchased from pharmacies without prescription and they can provide fast relief. There is no good excuse not treating it with these remedies especially when it won’t let you sleep. They can be taken orally like Robitussin® syrup or apply into the chest by rubbing a fair amount when using Vicks® VapoRub®. The active ingredient dextromethorphan is present in cough suppressants, that directs the cough center of the brain to calm down the neccesity to cough.

Although most people tolerate it well, it can cause slight drowsiness and upset stomach. It may also cause serious interactions with a class of prescription medicines called monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). If you take an MAOI, do not take products containing dextromethorphan. Click here to see direct source:

According to Chest-rubs often contain anesthetic or numbing agents called camphor or menthol. Vapors you inhale from chest rubs may numb the throat to relieve coughs. Be sure to use a chest rub externally: do not ingest it. You can also suck on cough drops or hard candy and drink lots of fluids to help relieve dry coughs. There are certain prescription medicines your doctor may prescribe if your cough persists. See your health care provider if your cough lasts for more than a week or if you also have a fever, rash or headache.


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