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Tribe Leaders Tell Mocha about Joma Sison’s Lies!


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by DDS NEWSINFO

President Duterte has many accomplishments

Tribe Leaders Went to the UP

Some tribe leaders went to the University of the Philippines to show their support to President Rodrigo Duterte. Mocha interviewed them. One divulges that Joma Sison allegedly plans to get rid of the President. However, they said that it’s President Duterte who made developments in their ancestral domain. They have keens also who died when used by the NPA to rally and fight the military. Some are killed by the rebels themselves.

They are True Tribes

They Show their Sentiments on their Own, they lamented. Another tribe leader urges other tribes with ancestral domains not to listen to the NPA. They want the rebel groups to disappear instead of Duterte. All of them are disgusted by the accusations that they are fake.

Supporting President Duterte

They said that they are real pro-administration tribes ever since the Marcos era. Their livelihood is agriculture that thrives. Pro-administration as they are, they do not need the government to spend on them. To show their support to the President is the most important thing.

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