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Tribute to APO Ferdinand E. Marcos: Dec. 1 to 7, 1972 Solely for Public Services that Angered the Anti Marcoses


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The greatest president of the Philippines, former president Ferdinand E. Marcos is being remembered for the December 1 to 7 events solely initiated to retain democracy and giving quality public service to the people of the Philippines. The Official Gazette revealed by the Duterte administration contain actual events that happened during that auspicious week of Marcos’ reign. This has triggered the anti-Marcos groups to make noise on social media -trying to abolish the realities of the Marcoses’ sacrifice during their time. Read through the following highlights to know why or, visit the official link below to know the truth.

Youtube video by; Elena Flores
[VIDEO]: We can only say thank you to the president who loved the Philippines so much – Ferdinand Edralin Marcos

Martial Law As Attested by Juan Ponce Enrile

PRESIDENT MARCOS issued a decree calling a plebiscite on January 15, 1973 for the ratification or rejection of the proposed new Constitution and appropriating P15 million to carry out the purposes of the decree. THE PRESIDENT directed the Secretary of National Defense and the Chief of Staff of the armed forces to “see to it that the people are accorded the fullest opportunity to freely and publicly discuss and debate the various provisions of the new Constitution. RETIRED BRIGADIER General Francisco A. Joves observed in a speech before the Dagupan City Rotary Club that Martial Law under President Marcos is “humane, mild, benevolent, legal, constitutional, yet non-violent and non-oppressive.” NATIONAL DEFENSE Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile said Martial Law is implemented to balance the relationship between freedom and responsibility and to extirpate the excesses in the exercise of the rights and freedoms in a free society, based on the publishing of the Official Gazette.

All for the People’s Welfare

TRADE AND TOURISM Secretary Troadio T. Quiazon Jr. reported substantial decreases in the prices of sugar, rice, fresh fish, meat, shrimps, dried fish, eggs, vegetables, canned goods and salt. SETTLEMENT PROJECTS are being activated by the Department of Agrarian Reform in preparation for the relocation of farmers who may be dispossessed as a result of the re-arrangement of the boundaries of farmlands in accordance with the government’s land reform program. MEDICARE MEMBERS are urged to report hospitals which refuse to cooperate with the Medicare Program so that appropriate legal action can be taken against them, stated the Official Gazette.

As Witnessed by an Aquino Kin

SSS ADMINISTRATOR Gilberto S. Teodoro announced that starting this January, the compensation of a covered employe which is subject to SSS monthly contribution shall include all actual remuneration, “except that part of the remuneration received during the month which exceeds P1,000.” Mr. Teodoro said, “This means that the range of compensation upon which the monthly contributions of an employe will be based, has been increased from the previous maximum salary of P500 to PI,000.” He added that this change is in line with Presidential Decree No. 24, amending the Social Security Law, says the Official Gazette.

Imelda Marcos’ Bolo Stabbing at Nayong Pilipino

ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT on the First Lady, Mrs. Imelda R. Marcos, was made at the Nayong Pilipino in Pasay City during the award ceremonies of the National Beautification and Cleanliness Contest. In an official statement issued following the attempt, Secretary of Public Information Francisco S. Tatad said: “There was an attempt on the life of the First Lady, Mrs. Imelda R. Marcos, this afternoon. Mrs. Marcos, who sustained wounds in the arms inflicted by the assassin, is now confined at the Makati Medical Center, as per the Official Gazette.


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