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How Trillanes Got Away from the Warrant of Arrest after Binay Won the Libel Case?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The damage is so massive that affects the family of former Vice President Jejomar Binay. This is after Senator Antonio Trillanes III stages a character assassination stint using the senate against them. It looks like the libelous senator is not even regretting. So what’s next after the court issued the warrant of arrest after Binay won the libel case?

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Senator Antonio Trillanes III was given a warrant of arrest after former Vice President Jojo Binay got the favorable ruling on the libel case filed against him for using the senate as a method for character assassination accusing the former V.P. of unfounded corruption.

Trillanes Admits Not Having Evidence Against Binay

Trillanes boldly admits that he actually does not have any evidence against Binay – but boasted that he has no regrets, or else Jejomar Binay is now the President of the Philippines if not because of his libelous act. People should be smart enough to discern people like Trillanes. He would do everything that would serve his interests and not for the welfare of the Filipino people.

More The Lies

Trillanes, in an interview aired last April 2015 over several radio and television programs and in a newspaper article, made a public claim that members of the 6th Division of the Court of Appeals were given P50-million bribe money (P25-million for each of the justices). He alleged that that is in exchange for the favorable action on the petitions for a temporary restraining order and the writ of preliminary injunction.

Trillanes’ Back Up and the Result

Trillanes knows very well that the Liberal Party loses a lot if Binay becomes president. He knows a lot of things having allied with the Aquinos from the beginning. But Binay is one politician that has devoted his life to public service for the good of the people. Therefore, he forged an alliance with Duterte and Bongbong Marcos instead. The Liberal Party is now suffering from their own doing. They have tougher lives now that Duterte is the president.

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The Liberal Era is Over

Despite not having a political rank anymore, Binay remains a strong force in politics. He mentors the younger UNA members and serves as the consultant for many non-profit organizations with strong links from prominent business operators. His daughter Abby Binay is the mayor of Makati which is their bailiwick.

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  1. Here we could see how inimical LP is.This party does not serve the people and the country,but their party alone.It is high time that people should get rid of this party,as LP contributed the most,on why this country is embedded in total misery.Yellow esoteric-ism is nothing but neoliberalism.An ideology that is pro oligarchy and thoroughly incongruous to the common people or the majority’s welfare.

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