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Trillanes May Have to Swallow his Pride for Calling Senator Imee Marcos Hypocrite


By: Elena Grace Flores

In line with “circulating malicious and scurrilous libels to inflict an act of hate” against President Rodrigo Duterte and his relatives, former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV posts bail for sedition charges. This is upon his arrival from the US and Europe. Trillanes pays P10,000 for his provisional liberty. Not long ago he calls Senator Imee Marcos a hypocrite when she suggests blessing his office that she uses now.

YouTube video by The Manila Times
Trillanes posts bail for sedition rap
WATCH: Ex-senator Antonio Trillanes 4th on Tuesday posts bail at the Quezon City Metropolitan Trial Court (QC MetTC) for his sedition case.

The 19th Case of the Former Senator

Former Senator Trillanes is in no repentance to say that the 19 cases he is facing now is just an act of political harassment by the Duterte administration. The recent one is another sedition charge. One of them is kidnapping which is a non-bailable offense that he awaits a verdict of. He welcomes all the charges as he claims that his purpose is to oppose the government that he believes to practice dictatorship.

Bikoy Videos

Trillanes engagements abroad in the US and Europe prompts him to say that he will immediately post bail as soon as he arrives in the country. This is when the MeTC Branch 138 issues the warrant for his arrest. 10 others have the same fate as him over the viral Bikoy “Ang Totoong Narcolist (The True Narcolist)” videos. The videos accuse Duterte and his family of having a hand in the illegal drug trade.

Hypocrisy Comment on Imee Marcos

Trillanes rebuffs Senator Imee Marcos earlier who eyes an Igorot ritual before moving into the outgoing senator’s office at that time. He welcomes Marcos’ plan if it helps her as a legislator, but calls her “hypocritical” if she suggests that he is a bad person.

The Origin of the Grudge

Trillanes is among the staunchest critics of the President. The Filipino leader is known to be close to the Marcos family. His late father Vicente was in the cabinet of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, the senator’s father. Duterte allows Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani despite protests of the anti-Marcos followers. The Marcos family name is a portray of abuse and dictatorship by bias media. However, records show that he is a hero.

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