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Trump’s deporting immigrants made US election center of the world’s attention

US election

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The US election has become the world’s center of attention when presidential candidate Donald Trump aggressively campaigned for mass deportation as his measure in stopping terrorism. Many people worldwide found this bizarre – and if Trump wins, there will be many American relations that will be severed.

Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway clarified that the mechanics of Trump’s massive deportation are still yet “to be determined”.
Speaking among Hispanic advisers, they denied Trump’s “flip-flopping” and reasoned out that they were trying to come up with a fair plan.

Mr Trump has been battling and blaming immigrants since starting his campaign, and determined to install a “deportation force” and oblige Mexico to pay the anticipated US-Mexico border to prevent illegal migrants and drug syndicates to enter into the country, thereby stopping the drug addiction and terrorism problems, according to him but not agreed upon by many.

His rival Hillary Clinton is now surging in the US electiopolls especially when it comes to foreign relations. This is why Trump has to woe black and Hispanic voters but it will be very difficult for him to change people’s impression on him as anti-immigrants no matter how he will convince them.


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