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Trusting the Decision of the Candidates for the BBM-Sara Tandem


By: Elena Grace Flores
by PweDelie TV

Why Bongbong Marcos should run as President in 2022?
Regardless of who’s going to run as president for the BB-Sara tandem, BBM would be the sitting president. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte made sure that the Marcos blueprints for the country’s progress are followed. So, the next administration can only continue them. This is the case in the Build Build Build project plus more.

Mayor Sara as President is also Acceptable

Should Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio runs as president, this is also okay. The 2016 strategy can become a reality. This is for Mayor Sara to resign from the presidency to give way to BBM. The Duterte’s know that it is crucial for Bongbong Marcos to be president. The realization of the will and testament of his father depends on it.

Alliance Breaker vs. Real Loyalists

The real Marcos loyalists surely trust whatever the decision of who’s going to run for such positions may be. BBM would surely be president regardless of the scenario. However, many detractors try to destroy the alliance. But to no avail. The Dutertes’ have a lot to lose if they cannot install Marcos as the country’s leader in 2022.

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