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The truth behind the Compensation to victims of Human Rights during Martial Law


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

No law can ever force someone to pay on behalf of another. Even if they are closely related. With regards to the reparation case allegedly between the alleged human rights victims during martial law and the PCGG, the compensation will be determined. It is now just between government and human rights claimants. The Marcos family is no longer involved in the issue.

[VIDEO]: The P10 billion worth of financial remuneration for the victims of martial law abuses such as summary executions, enforced disappearances, and torture was within the jurisdiction of the Aquino administration says Bongbong Marcos but human rights group says they did not pay.

Nothing to do with the Son

Bongbong Marcos will apologize for any wrongdoing that he may have done and any mistake that will have caused anyone any pain or hardship. He can only apologize for himself.” As per record, there has been no allegation against him for human rights abuses during his 27 years in public service.

Switzerland Accounts

It cannot be true that the claimants were not paid because Bongbong Marcos as heir did not pay. A total of P10 billion was allotted for the reparation case. That will come from the Marcoses’ Switzerland accounts.  As we all know, those accounts were frozen via government to government dealings. So, why should Marcos, Imelda or Bongbong pay that when they  don’t have access to the accounts anymore?

Delayed by Government?

The Aquin-Marcos feud is not a secret to all. Could it be that Former President Benigno Aquino III deliberately delayed the payment of compensations to create negative issues for Bongbong Marcos during the recent elections?

Attacks by Robredo and Cayetano

Sure enough, Cayetano and Robredo did not miss using those allegations during the Vice Presidential debate. It seems like there’s some truth with it since Pnoy vowed to block the return of Marcos to power.

A Rival and Supporter

Sen. Gringo Honasan, also said it is not right to blame Marcos for the “sin” of his father, said the issue is a judgment call he cannot make. This is also the views of former Vice President Jejomar Binay who is endorsing Bongbong Marcos as the next Philippine President.

Where is the Money?

President Rodrigo Duterte is now pressuring PCGG to present full audit. Surely, no escaping this time.

PCGG should not escape President Duterte’s attention

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