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Truth is Clearer as Sandigan Junks More Ill-Gotten Wealth Cases vs. Marcoses

Ill-Gotten Wealth

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

New Ill-Gotten Wealth Cases Junked by the Sandiganbayan
The Sandiganbayan dismisses a complaint from 34 years ago by the PCGG. This was against late businessman Ricardo Silverio Sr. and Pablo Carlos Jr., former First Lady Imelda Marcos, and the late former President Ferdinand E. Marcos. These are a few of those many cases filed to accuse Marcos of ill-gotten wealth during the Aquino administration. Lack of evidence is the usual reason. However, the proofs of Marcos’s gold for humanity are intact.

Legality of the Marcos Gold

The PCGG sequesters the personal possessions of the Marcoses only. They cannot get hold of the Marcos gold because they are fully documented. Their release can only be facilitated by Congress to release them from the hands of trustees. However, if the government works with the heirs, the funds for infrastructures and other public projects come in handy. Such as the case of Duterte’s Build Build Build initiative.

The Marcos Gold is not I-ll Gotten Wealth

The Marcos Gold consolidates the country’s wealth. FEM himself acquires a substantial amount prior to become president. Others are Philippine treasures. But they do not belong to the Marcoses. The Marcos Humanitarian Foundation holds them. Sanctions of the Central Bank and the World Bank are in place. Their security was the top priority of the late President Marcos. So, he secures their use for the people. Therefore, they are safe from notable opportunists.

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