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The Truth About Real Housewives’ Infamous Taglines from the Boss

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Hilarious punches really did make Real Housewives the talk of the town among mainly women viewers. Like any other sitcom, it follows a format even if the dialogues sound like impromptu. Yes, the show follows a script and there’s a process to follow when delivering them. Know the winning formula for the taglines used.

Eonline posted: The opening credits sequence for the Real Housewives franchise has developed something of a cult following in the 10 years since The Real Housewives of Orange County debuted on Bravo. No matter the city, no matter the season, viewers wait with bated breath to hear each woman’s new tagline and see where she might end up in the final group shot. We here at E! News are so obsessed we’ve even ranked the 15 best (and 15 worst—they can’t all be winners) taglines to date. But have you ever wondered how the opening sequence went from RHOC’s simple first season with lines of lifted dialogue (i.e. Lauri Peterson’s distressing “Are the police involved?”) to the magical, witty, GIF-worthy works of art we know them to be today? You’re in luck.

It added: In our quest to understand all things Housewives, E! News sought out the one man who might be able to offer us the most insight into the process: Doug Ross, executive producer of both The Real Housewives of Orange County and Beverly Hills. Ross has been with RHOC since season two and is responsible for creating the taglines we’ve come to know and love. What he told us about the process might just might surprise you. Check the link below to find out:


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