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Tulfo: Know the Real Dictators – and VP?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Showbiz Fanaticz

Erwin Tulfo: Who are the Real Dictators?
Popular commentator, Erwin Tulfo asked: Who are the real dictators? Some anti-Marcos media call on YouTube to cancel Toni Gonzaga. Other Dilawan groups did the same. This is after his trending interview with Presidential candidate, Bongbong Marcos. Gonzaga also had interviews with his 2016 staunch rival, Leni Robredo. But the data were ordinary at that time. Plus other possible presidential challengers namely; Senator Grace Poe, and Manila Mayor, Isko Moreno. Are they angry because Marcos seems to be the real VP as per Toni Talks’ count?

Who are Suppressing Freedom of Expression?

It is very particular that the Dilawan factions have double standards. An issue is good for the people only if it favors them. Fortunately, they cannot speak for the majority anymore. The digital system can provide accurate data instantly. It is a fact that Toni Talks was trending during BBM’s interview and not at Robredo’s time. If she’s the real VP, she should have the numbers.

The Anti-Marcos are Angry with BBM’s Trending Toni Talks

Bongbong Marcos only said his truth with regards to the learnings he got from his father. No one can take it away from him. He is the son of the late president Ferdinand Marcos. If that is so impressive, then it’s the way it is. Gonzaga has the right to interview anyone regardless of their political stand. That’s what democracy is all about. If one doesn’t like it, then he or she can simply not watch it!

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