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U.S. Provokes China by Flying and Sailing Non-stop over South China Sea

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
US Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson recently visited the navy base in northern China despite the increasing tension between Americans and Chinese forces manning the South China Sea. He made it clear to his Chinese counterparts that they will not stop flying and sailing over South China Sea for the purpose of patrolling the disputed area as marshals for the implementation of international laws.

There will be no retreat for the American navies as they continued to send maritime vessels where international laws permit them to. This is a show of superiority over China that rejected the ruling from the Hague that they do not have sovereignty in all of the territories they claimed based of their alleged historical evidences.

The vast seas in South China now serve as a huge theater showing displays of spectacular armaments of war – and the friction can escalate in time. At the rate it is going, the conflict looks like it’s between China and the United States. However, due to the geographic location, if war would eventually happen, it’s likely that the battle ground would be Palawan, Philippines. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte also assured America that the ruling will not be compromised in favor of China. Negotiations might take place but it will be under the terms of the Philippines which China so far disagreed on.


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