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US Congress Told to Focus on their Problems and Not on De Lima


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: The US Congress has no right to call on the release of Senator Leila de Lima from prison

The Problem with the US Congress

Former Presidential legal adviser Salvador and ex-Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque criticized the call of the US Congress to release Senator Leila de Lima from prison. DOJ Secretary Crispin “Boying” Remulla still has to read on their request. Remulla is now under character assassination after his son received a parcel of high-grade cannabis. Most Filipinos think that this is a set-up.

Probable Cause

Panelo explains that there’s probable cause in Senator de Lima’s drug cases. That’s why she’s in jail. So, unjust detention is not the case here contrary to what the US Congress said. Under the law, the Senator must face the consequence of her actions according to the legal process.

Do Not Interfere

The criminal justice system of the Philippines is working well. America should focus on its own problems. Discrimination, shooting rage in schools, apartheid, and many more. This is what Attorney Roque said. They cannot interfere with an independent country, he added.

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