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US War with China Friction Resumes Over Twitter?

US War

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

US President Donald Trump usesTwitter to accuse China of keeping its currency artificially low, as well as military posturing in the South China Sea and to announce that his discussion with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen regarding the possible changes in the US foreign policy. China tells Trump to stay away from Twitter on these sensitive issues.

Youtube video by; H_HaXxan’s Channel
[VIDEO]: China tells Donald Trump to lay off Twitter

Undesirable Twitter Diplomacy

“The obsession with ‘Twitter diplomacy’ is undesirable,” according to a Chinese online media, Xinhua – which is the biggest and most influential state-run media in China.

China not doing Enough to Suppress North Korea?

Donald Trump tweeted recently suggesting that China isn’t doing enough to control North Korea on its alleged nuclear developments – despite getting substantial funding from the US.

Acting Like a Child?

The Global Times calls Trump “ignorant as a child in foreign policy” and “pandering to irresponsible attitudes”- alleging that it’s not only China that Trump attacks over Twitter. “Russian hacking” is also in his tweets earlier.

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Friction Ignites?

Will Trump ignite the friction between US and China? Words really get in the way with foreign policies. Social media has also made exchanges of thoughts very timely. Perhaps this is one change that the world must be ready for. Sensitive issues can now be dealt with openly. It can either ignite the suppressed US war with China – or be resolved immediately.

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