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Vaccine Budget: Senator Imee Marcos Confirms World Bank Loan Privilege


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Philippine ALLSTAR

Imee Marcos: The unprogrammed budgets will go to the agencies with financial anomalies that must be protected.

DOH and Philhealth Budget Anomalies

Sources of unplanned budgets are the DOTRr, DPWH, and other projects that can’t be done yet due to some circumstances. Lawmakers have a hard time balancing the redirection because of the anomalies at the DOH and Philhealth amidst the Pandemic. Earlier, Senator Imee Marcos urges the Secretary of Finance, Carlos Dominguez to take a loan from the World Bank. The country’s privilege of almost zero interest rate still stands until at present since the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ time.

Senator Marcos vs. Secretary Dominguez

YouTube Video by ANC 24/7
Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez disputes Masagana 99 success. He said that he was the one who clears that up. Domingues insists that the country’s World Bank privilege is due to proper financial management. That is why he does not want to borrow more money despite the almost zero interest rate from the World Bank to help people due to the pandemic. Marcos said that no bank would lend to countries with no money. However, the international bank was set up to help rebuild nations. The Philippines is still a third world country with huge potentials. Besides, the favorable interest rate can only mean that the country’s gold deposits are indeed existent. We can avail of the debt moratorium to aid the citizens.

The World Bank Gold Deposits

YouTube Video by PweDelie TV
The Philippines is thought to be the land of Ophir. History dictates that most of the world’s gold is in the country. There are legal documentations that they are consolidated in trust funds under the Marcos foundation. His last will and testament detail the proceeding that they are for the welfare of humanity. The recipients are the Filipino people. Is Senator Marcos’s confidence when it comes to the World Bank derives from this? By the way, at the end of the vaccine purchasing struggle, the initial doses are reported to be financed by the World Bank and ADB.

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