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Veteran Farmers Knew Well How Marcos Sr. Took Good Care of them from Loans to Harvests


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: Can Jr. be better than Sr.?

Loans for Investments

The farmers of Cauayan, Isabela felt President Bongbong Marcos’ sincerity in his plans to support farmers. This is from wiping out unpaid loans to full bulk purchases of farming needs. They gathered around a farm to listen to the president’s SONA or state of the nation address.

Complete Support

When the farmers do not have the difficulty in paying off their loans, they can concentrate on the production side. The government’s consolidation of fertilizers, insecticides, technology, and others would allow them to run their farm with minimal expenses.

Better than Sr.

The said farmers in Nungnungan 2 are hopeful that Marcos Jr. can do better than Marcos Sr.¬† As PBBM assures financial and technical assistance for food security as a short-term solution. Increasing harvests using technology and getting loans for capital is enough to make PBBM’s vision come true. So, he can do better than his father. Perhaps, becoming a rice exporter in the near future is close to reality.

2 thoughts on “Veteran Farmers Knew Well How Marcos Sr. Took Good Care of them from Loans to Harvests

  1. Yes lets hope for the best if his father have done good for the farmers during his term why cant the son lets just be patient enough to wait pbbm has just begun sooner or later blessings will come like non stop rain and we are going to harvest a good life patience is a virtue lets be patient to wait in gods time our doors will open for all this blessings god has intended for us

  2. Yes we know how Marcos Sr. Did during his time when he put up MASAGANA 99 for the production of rice and for sure this time the more better for Marcos Jr. to perform because of not only what he learn from his father but due to the better technology and farming machinery that we have now…

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