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More Viewers Boycott ABS-CBN over Gringo & Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
ABS-CBN’s reputation has been souring these days. There were speculations that their reporting are biased favoring their own interests. The station is observed to be pro-Liberal and one of the major tool for the yellow party’s media propaganda against their political opponents.

Earlier this year, INC or Iglesia ni Kristo, a religious group staged a plea to boycott ABS-CBN due to the alleged biased reporting and escalation of the issue with regards to its founder’s family dispute. The station has been accused of false reporting like the abduction cases that did not happen.

This time, Bongbong Marcos and Gringo Honasan were adamant to attend the Vice Presidential debate scheduled at 5:00 PM local time today. Citing that they would rather not show up than be treated indifferently or worst humiliated. This is the same approach Vice President Jejomar Binay took during the Senate’s Blue Ribbon hearings for the alleged anomalies involving him. So, naturally many Binay, Marcos and Honasan supporters will be turning their channel somewhere else.

Source: The Daily Tribune

3 thoughts on “More Viewers Boycott ABS-CBN over Gringo & Marcos

  1. ABS CBN should be closed or restrict itself as purely an entertainment station
    They castigate candidates that are not to their liking with no possible way that the candidates can defend themselves
    Even in their surveys, they are putting full favor to poe or duterte so that the binay group will lose their moral

  2. Hindi talaga ksyo patas kaya hindi ninyo mapantyan ang channel 7

  3. Kahit sa dzmm radio station nde na din ako nakikinig, sorry kabayan noli at ted failon, sorry din sa ka novo ecijano kong ka tonying at gerry. Sorry din Henry Omaga Diaz two times ka nagpunta sa house ko sa q.c.

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