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War with China intensifies as Asian neighbors, US enhance military drills

War with China

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
North Korea’s old threat of making the first nuclear strike that would surely bring Seoul and Washington into “heap of ashes” was again thrown into the air when irked by the war with China against its neighbors due to territorial disputes and China’s ignoring the ruling from the Hague that rejected its sovereignty claim.

Enhanced joint military exercises by South Korea and the US are ongoing to be able to place the ultimate defense missile system somewhere in South Korea to block China’s prowess.

China’s flashing offensive weapons recently irked Japan, including Beijing’s latest-generation frigate plus long-range bombers to warn or scare neighbors and of course, the U.S. — for them to beg down and put the negotiations for its territorial claims back into the table which the rest of the countries detested including the UN.


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