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Warning to Duterte: China will be a Traitor despite Partnership

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
A non-profit organization specializing in defense gave such caution to the Duterte administration as government planned its next steps after the Philippines won its arbitration bid against China, successfully convincing the United Nations arbitral tribunal to invalidate Beijing’s sweeping nine-dash line claim over the South China Sea.

Trident Defense chair Rodrigo Mejia urged the government Tuesday night to refrain from engaging in talks with China in the wake of the UN ruling, commenting on the new administration’s openness to hold talks with its constantly encroaching neighbor.

“We may be a small country, but we are a nation of warriors. So let’s show them, no talk to the Chinese for one year or two years. Freeze muna. Show them the we are also resolute,” Mejia said in a press briefing Tuesday night. Mejia said we should “teach them [China] a lesson. We should also be tough.” Lawyer Toby Purisima, Trident Defense president, said the Philippines should instead take advantage of the ruling to show China what we are made of as a nation. If a nation does not respect our boundaries, how can we trust them as potential partners in joint development? – as published by Global Nation Inquirer


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