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What if this is the Truth about the late President Ferdinand Marcos?

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Filipino Future

People will Soon Weep Bitterly for Slandering a Great Hero

The Vindication of President Marcos

The late President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos believes that until his death bed he serves as a scholar and a hero for his beloved country. But his enemies accuse him of being a tyrant, plunderer, and murderer. Political rivals even deny him his right to return and bury his mother. But the world is slowly getting to know him because of the internet in the 20th century.

20th Century Revelations

The anti-Marcos might try to fact-check documentations about him to serve their own interests. However, despite glitches in some minor details, the truth prevails. He’s a great president of the Philippines if not the greatest. No other presidents has done so much public infrastructures more than him. They cost more than what the government can afford during his time. Most of his policies remain to this date.

Sole Trustee of the World’s Wealth for Humanity

It is a mystery that the opposition’s media never tackles his last will and testament. The Marcos gold with proper documentations at the Central and World banks are also not heared in the Congress. This video documentation said that the right time will come on the wealth for humanity. The loyalists can only hope and pray that his son, Bongbong Marcos will soon be president – to make all these a priority for the people.

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