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What Triggers the Opposition Media’s Defensive Fact-Check on the Marcos Gold?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Rappler

Is there truth on the Marcos gold?

Early Election Blues of the Opposition Media

Looks like the opposition media now works aggressively. This is to desperately discredit the Marcoses. It is, however, understandable for the early election blues. The national election is yet to come this 2022. Bongbong Marcos now presses the PET for a decision on his protest against Leni Robredo. He is set to run for an important position. May it be for president or Vice President.

Scrutiny on the Numbers – Not on the Facts

A half-truth fact-check is not reliable. This media only disputes the number. It never said that the Marcos gold is not existent. Just a matter of comparing numbers. It generally refers to the cases that the Marcoses had lost and won. Plus of course the mention of their own ill-gotten wealth propaganda. No explaination why the court can never nail the Marcoses down if they really stole the wealth from the people.

History and News

Other basis is the Tallano royal family history and some news on the former First Lady Imelda Marcos’ show of the gold documents. Nevertheless, they also said it themselves that the late Ferdinand Marcos did not mention them in his Tadhana book. Two things very suspicious though. There’s no mention whatsover about the late President Marcos’ will and testament and his first lady’s appeal to the Congress to prioritize its proceeding for the good of the people and the world.

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  1. Rappler must be desperate indeed.

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