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Who are the Real Criminals and Traitors in the Name of Democracy?


By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: Atom Araullo’s Secret

In the Name Of Democracy

Journalists like Atom Araullo and Maria Ressa always use democracy in destroying the reputation of the administration. Little do people know that they are supporting the CPP-NPA wholeheartedly. They also try to destroy the government’s allies by assassinating their character. Like in the case of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

Active CPP-NPA Operative

Carol Araullo who is an active CPP-NPA Operative is the mother of Atom Araullo. Like Maria Ressa, the son is always on the side of the insurgent group. In their works, they always use democracy in criticizing the government in its efforts to prevent terrorist attacks. They never condemn them.

Insurgents and Terrorism

It’s clear that the CPP-NPA is guilty of terrorism. But many popular figures are still defending them. Twisting the truth and misaligning the people’s mindset as far as the leftists are concerned. So, why are there still some media that broadcast their opinions?

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