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Who can Cheat the People’s Manang Imee Marcos this Election 2019?

election 2019
By: Elena Grace Flores

It is undeniable that the Filipino voters are now very vigilant with where their votes go to. This is the fruit of clean election advocate, Atty. Glenn Chong’s labor. Gov. Imee Marcos who is the “manang” or older sister of Bongbong Marcos who’s electoral protest claims benefit from Chong’s initiative is grateful to the brave lawyer, accountant, and IT expert. They both campaign alongside each other. The Hong Kong voters, however, went out of the way to express their support to Marcos. Therefore, the New Marcosenos of Hong Kong was born. Then, after days of the absentee voting, Marcos is likely to be number one followed by Chong in the election 2019 senatorial race.

YouTube video byjam pj aweewee

[VIDEO]: Miss Imee Marcos is running for a Senate Office. Vote her this May 2019 election.

Ilocano Overseas Filipino Workers

The display of power in Hong Kong during the New Marcosenos of Hong Kong event was overwhelming. The honorable governor was the guest of honor. The crowd outside the venue cannot be compared to any campaign pickets. These are people who has loved the Marcoses for decades. Their voices can’t be ignored.

Tribute to the Late President Ferdinand Marcos

The governor reminds the audience that their intention to make the country great again originates from the time of her father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Black media propaganda manages to taint his reputation but the love of his people remains. This can be seen through the eyes and actions of the overseas Filipino of Hong Kong. The great former president’s decree allows Filipinos to work abroad with the necessary protection.

Bongbong Marcos, the Real Vice President

Honorable Marcos is a 3-time governor. She knows her people well because they are not camera-shy. The special mentions of the people who made the event possible were read by Marcos in a passionate roll call. Her impromptu words show how much she knows them by heart. She also calls out for her brother, Bongbong Marcos who is the real Vice President, she said. The crowd cannot help but scream upon hearing her utmost declaration.

To become an OFW Must be a Choice

Star cruises now frequent Ilocos Norte for tourism. Tourists from China, Korea and other countries are eager to know the Ilocano local culture because of the Marcoses’ close ties with their leaders. Their unemployment rate is now very minimal. Other economic measures are already in place. It is in Marcos’ priority plan that to become an ofw should not be a sacrifice but an inspiration. One must have the choice to stay at home for a good life.

Beauty and Progress for the Philippines

Like the former First Lady, Imelda Marcos, the beauty, honor, and skills of Filipinos must be preserved. The older Marcos used to be the envy of the world for her charm and intelligence. Critics can only use her collection of shoes to discredit her. She was never desperate. In the same way, inspiration for a beautiful and progressive future must be the reason why a Filipino must leave the country and family and not a mere sacrifice. This is possible with the improving livelihood locally. Gov. Marcos’s solutions to poverty and sustainable development in Ilocos Norte are now for nationwide implementation.

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